Expression Through Visual Art

I was always very observant growing up, however I was more of a life lover, enjoying the beauty of my surroundings and the moment of life going on all around. I was too curious about things and always pursuing the experience rather than trying to capture it.

Later on I discovered the beauty of traveling, the magnificence of our lands and the various cultures along the way. But if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that realities are different everywhere and what may seem unbelievable or even outrageous for some might be a reality for others. 

I’ve since then begun a photojournalist path and as much as I love playing around with the visual artistic side of photography, the storytelling aspect of photographs and words is simply incredible. The voice of individuals and their stories, the sincerity in their facial expressions and in their own identities. The way they live or the way they are might be surprising in many ways but the beauty of it, or it sadness, is that everyone has their own reality.


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